Tree Port Terms & Conditions

Before you have paid the fee for our company ‘Tree Port’ to apply for permission on your behalf it is important you have read and understood the following terms.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact Tree Port by emailing to before proceeding with completion of the registration and payment.

1.Tree Port is a website solely intended to make the planning process as simple as possible by breaking down the application into segments, and then applying on your behalf.

2. Tree Port is not designed to provide professional advice on the trees health as it is only acting on the information provided by the customer and referring it to the council.

3. If the trees are found to be unprotected by Tree Preservation Orders or a Conservation Area, the fee will be non refundable as it is the clients responsibility to check with the local council prior to registering and paying for Tree Port to apply for permission.

4. If the client deems the tree(s) dead dying or dangerous, the client must contact the council immediately to assess whether an application for planning is required. Sometimes if the trees are dangerous the council may not require the client to follow the process of applying for planning permission and carry out the work immediately. If the client is required to apply, Tree Port will then apply for permission on the clients behalf if requested.

5. Tree Port will endeavour to complete the application within 7 working days.

6. Once Tree Port has completed the application, we will email you the reference for your application and contact details for your council.

7.1 Once the application has been completed on the council planning portal website and the email has been sent to you the client to confirm this, Tree Port will have completed its objective and the contract between Tree Port and the client will cease.

7.2 However, if the client has made the decision to send the sketch plan directly to the council or planning portal due to an inability to upload the plan, Tree Port will still have completed its objective and the contract will be fulfilled.

8.1 Any further correspondence with the council, monitoring and managing of the application is not Tree Ports responsibility.

8.2 If the client requires further information with regard to the progress of the application to the council, Tree Port having already sent off the application on the clients behalf will have completed the contract and will not be required to assist.

9. Tree Port may, If requested by the client offer further services to progress the application on behalf of the client. An agreed fee to be paid by the client to Tree Port will be required before further assistance is provided. Tree Port reserves the right not to assist clients further once the original application has been made.

10. The application to the council planning portal is based on the information provided by the client.

11.1 If the council deem the information inadequate or unacceptable  on the application, it is not Tree Ports responsibility to re apply or ammend the application.

11.2 Tree Port will at our discretion amend or re apply on the clients behalf subject to an agreed fee to be paid prior to further assistance.

12. If client has chosen to send the ‘sketch plan’ directly to the council. Tree Port will process all but the sketch plan on the planning portal. Therefore a refund is not available if the client fails to send the sketch plan to the council or add it to the planning portal.

13. Tree Port reserves the right to not provide any further assistance after the initial application has been made and the confirmation email is received by the client.

14. Any further services provided by Tree Port, will re enter the client and Tree Port into a contract until the additional service is complete.

15. If at the discretion of Tree Port, we have acted in a way as to compromise the clients application or we believe to be at fault in any part of the process, we will compensate the client the fee or part of the fee as we see reasonable.